Jan 18

Policies and Procedures

When are field trips available? 

Field trips are available during the school year, from Monday through Friday, in the morning. 9:30 and 11 AM. We follow the M.C.P.S. calendar and are closed when they are closed. 

What ages and how many students can be accommodated?

We offer programs for students for Pre-K students 3-5 years old.  We can accommodate classes of up to 15 students. The base price listed above is for up to 15 students. If you have more students, we will try to make accommodations but the programs are designed for maximum hands-on participation and low teacher: student ratio.

How long do the programs last?

Generally, our 1 time program options are available as a 35 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour program.

We can also spread out the content and delve deeper in the subject by coming 1 x/week for 10 or 12 weeks- depending on what fits into your schedule. These sessions can be split as 3 20-minute sessions, 2 30-minute sessions or 1 full hour for each group.

What will we do during our program or field trip? 

The activities in each program vary depending on subject, age, and the length of the program. All of our programs feature hands-on age-appropriate activities that promote pro-social behaviors.  We use a variety of activities including music, movement, arts and crafts, drama, cooking, literature and engaging discussions to make learning fun.  Generally we will use animal themes  to engage the children and help them to make connections to their own lives.  The underlying goal is to teach children about empathy and compassion and create a culture of kindness.

How do I schedule a field trip?

Contact info@pawsforpeaceprograms.com or call 301-502–4167.

How do I confirm my program dates?

Pre-registration with full payment in advance is required for each program or field trip. Semester long sessions will be billed and due monthly.

  1. Participants can register over the phone to hold their spot but we will need the hard registration form and payment to secure their spot.   Registration forms can be mailed to:  Attention: Caryn Reitkopp, 6013 Walton Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 or scanned and emailed to info@pawsforpeaceprograms.com
  2. A 10% discount will be provided if 3 or more classes sign up from the same organization.
  3. We can come to your site or provide an off-site location for your training,
  4. After sending in your registration form we will confirm the date and time with you and send you a contract.  You’ll need to sign and return the contract to Paws for Peace, LLC by email, or US Mail.  You can also call 301-502-4167 for program information.
  5. Signed contracts will also need to be returned for 10 and 12 week sessions.

What happens if it rains or snows?

  1. Our programs are held rain-or-shine. Please leave extra time for your commute if you are coming to us if we are having inclement weather. 
  2. If we are having inclement weather, we will follow M.C.P.S.’s late openings and closings.
  3. Please check the website or call 31-502-4167 if you have questions about the policy.

How many educators teach the program?

A qualified educator will conduct your program. In most cases, we will provide 2 staff members for each group.  We do ask that the children’s classroom teacher remain with the group and participate to help manage classroom behaviors so the Paws for Peace, LLC instructors can focus on teaching the content.

What should we bring?

Students should wear clothes that can get messy.  We will have hands on projects with all of our 1 hour programs.

How would I reach Paws for Peace, LLC on the day of the program?                                                          

Call Caryn at (301) 502-4267, and email at info@pawsforpeaceprograms.com

What if I need to cancel my program?

Programs cancelled more than a month in advance of the event date are fully refundable.  Programs cancelled 2-4 weeks in advance of the event date will incur 50% of the cost.  Programs cancelled less than two weeks in advance of the event date will cost the full amount.

Make-ups will be available for a first time cancellation that has been cancelled less than two weeks before the event.  If you have paid in full and did not receive any refund back, we will allow you to schedule and attend your make-up within 1 year of the missed event.  If you miss your make-up or are unable to schedule and attend your make-up within 1 year of the original cancellation, you will forfeit your ability to have a make-up.  No other refunds will be available.

Cancellations should be in writing to info@pawsforpeaceprograms.com.  If a last minute emergency comes up, please also call 301-502-4167.

Paws for Peace, LLC reserves the right to cancel any program or field trip at any time. Payment will be fully refunded if the program or field trip is cancelled by Paws for Peace, LLC.

We will provide cancellation notice if we need to cancel.  In the rare event that the instructor is sick and a substitute is not available, a full refund will be provided.  All participants will be contacted by phone at the earliest possible time.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause participants.