Apr 09

Specials available for summer and fall

If you are looking for a fresh new way to provide some fun and engaging activities with a twist, think about bringing in Paws for Peace, LLC as a vendor to your summer camp or fall curriculum.  We help build those skills in the social/emotional domain that are so important for success in school and throughout our lives.  We use a variety of methods to promote empathy and compassion and encourage pro-social behaviors.  In each session, the children will be exposed to literature, questions that promote a higher level of thinking, music, movement and drama.  Depending on the week, the children will also be doing arts and crafts activities, cooking, role-playing or other meaningful, age-appropriate activities.  Projects will either be done independently (with support) or cooperatively to build community.  We are currently running specials for summer and fall so call us to find a program that meets your needs.  Like us on facebook and get a special bonus!

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